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ENOUGH! March for Justice


Have You Had Enough?

From El Paso to Gilroy, unabashedly public white supremacist violence against people of color and historically marginalized communities has surged.


It's undeniable that the current presidential presidential administration's hateful rhetoric has contributed to these incidents. But for the U.S.'s many racialized peoples, these incidents are sadly familiar.


White supremacist violence--whether extralegal (i.e. lynchings), legal (i.e. ICE raids), or institutionalized (i.e. mass incarceration) has haunted Black, American Indian, Chicanx, Latinx, Asian, and Jewish life since this country's colonial inception. And combined with misogyny, ableism, classism, and patriarchal cisheterosexism, that same white supremacy's economic and eugenic impulses especially threaten womxn, our disabled siblings, our poor, and our LGBTQ+ community members.


It's time to say ENOUGH!

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