Convening in Spirit

We invite everyone to join a candle light vigil, which is being held to support the stay at home mandate to protect the poor and to be a voice for those who don’t share equal privilege and who are at the greatest risk to Covid-19 by a premature return to business as usual practices. Together, we’ll gather, we’ll convene in spirit and light up the night with candles, flashlights from our porches, balconies, driveways—in front of our homes for the days to come–as equity is served among us all.


Inspired to share the light by an ancient Nahuatl (Mexica) poem:




Before the wind,

Before the night,

There was light,

And they gathered, the people convened

Over there in Teotihuacán. 

Antes que hubo viento

Antes de la noche, 

Había luz, 

Dicen que se juntó, que el pueblo se convocó,

allá en Teotihuacán.

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We are a collective of Black, American Indian, Chicanx, Latinx, Jewish, Muslim, and Asian community members and allies committed to the shared work of combating white supremacy through indirect and direct action.

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