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Enough Action Coalition, Powered by People Power—Friday, Sept. 5, 2019


DENVER Sept. 5, 2019—A group of Colorado civic-minded individuals called the Enough Action Coalition are proud to announce the MARCH FOR JUSTICE on Saturday, September 21, 2019. The march will begin at 10 am with a few opening comments at the Martin Luther King Memorial, then continue 7.5 miles down Colorado’s historic Colfax corridor, ending at Aurora’s ICE GEO detention center. You can join the entire route or for any manageable portion of the March for Justice.

This event is organized by and for Coloradans whose communities have experienced systematic marginalization. While recent violence at Odessa, El Paso, Gilroy, Dayton and Colorado’s ICE facilities have rallied us together, we know this necessary struggle for survival has followed our communities since America’s inception.

If you’ve had enough of bigoted practices that were once subtle—but which now occur more frequently in the open—where we live and play, where we shop, where we work, where we listen to live music, where we meet for coffee, and where we worship—join us in saying, “Enough!.”

Now is the time. Americans everywhere are weary from the silence and inaction our elected leaders have displayed over this escalating violence against people of color. Join the March for Justice to be counted among those willing to take a position against the racism unbecoming the American standard of equity and justice. More than ever before, allies are welcome—and needed. Black, brown, white, male or female, young or old, poor or rich, we are touched by images of children enclosed in fences, separated from their parents. Have you had enough? In the spirit of the famed Selma March and other civil right marches of the past that changed the world; the Enough Action Coalition believes it’s our time, our opportunity, our duty to take steps to shape history and March for Justice.

About the Enough Action Coalition (EAC)

EAC affirms the greatness of America has always been powered by the people. The EAC is a community movement made up of everyday people in everyday places. The EAC invites ALL to join and participate in upcoming events.

FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: Armando Martín: 720.432.7860

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